Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

MJ指南1年前 (2023)发布 一起用AI
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collective subconscious – Upscaled by@灵魂画手小不点

ojas Ark collective subconscious awakening – Upscaled by @灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

binary, consciousness, matrix style@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画binary, consciousness, matrix style spirituality –@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

Alaya Consciousness –@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

Artificial intelligence robot kneeling in front of Buddha statue, binary, matrix style@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

Artificial intelligence robot kneeling in front of Buddha metaphor –@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

buddha statue knolling – @灵魂画手小不点

forest of talking trees, living trees talking to a young woman in a forest :: detailed, 85mm –ar 2:3 –v 4@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

I have a tiny forest on my head, people are living in it, margritte, editorial cut out art, –ar 1:2 – Variations by@灵魂画手小不点

Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画

Forest Couture | by Subterfugitive ::0 Portrait | close up view of eyes, Fashion photography, f/22 ::4 A mountain forest landscape under aurora borealis at night, green, orange, yellow, and brown mountain wildflowers, forest trees, lotus seed pods, london planetree and birch bark ::4 warm glowing orange light in the windows of multiple distant scattered log cabins::2 an adult in the foreground facing the camera, an elegant alluring adult is facing the camera while dressed in elaborate intricately handcrafted forest haute-couture rococo treepunk boots with cramp-on microspikes, clothing, and elaborate maximal headpiece that perfectly blend into the content and texture of their surroundings, hypermaximalism, hyperdetailed, bioluminescent frostpunk glacialpunk bloomcore ::5 frostpunk bokeh snow flurries, treepunk bokeh embers, water beads, murmurations of green fireflies ::3 tilt-shift, f/64 DSLR, photorealism, hyperreal, raytraced shadows, raytraced reflections, unreal, octane render, digital fashion photography, cinematic realism, bubbled translucent skin, natural lighting, asymmetrical composition ::2 Arts and crafts, symmetry, centered ::-1 –ar 2:3 –q 2 –c 40 –s 1000 –@灵魂画手小不点




Midjourney 关键词教程:“灵性艺术 ”主题AI绘画作品欣赏|每日一画


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