X-mix – V2.0

X-mix - V2.0

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Model Name X-mix
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name V2.0
File Name xMix_v20.safetensors
SHA256 285f8478f4
NSFW False
Trigger Words
Tags anime, girl
Metadata fp = fp16
size = full
format = SafeTensor
Size 3.95 GB
Version Description None
Source https://civitai.com/models/13069
Author chien


X-mix 是一个用于生成二次元图片的融合模型。所有模型都没有添加vae,因此你需要自己设置一个。如果你想要生成与示例图风格一致的图片,请使用 NovelAI 原版 vae。如果你没有,可以用 OrangeMix 的 vae, 这两个vae 是一样的,只是名字不同。

llink: VAEs/orangemix.vae.pt · WarriorMama777/OrangeMixs at main (huggingface.co)

X-mix is a merging model used to generate anime images. This model needs a vae. You can freely choose the vae you like. If you want to achieve the effect in the example picture, please use NAI.vae.

link: VAEs/orangemix.vae.pt · WarriorMama777/OrangeMixs at main (huggingface.co)


V2.0 并不比 V1.0 表现更优秀(其实我本人更喜欢用 V1.0),但风格发生了变化。除此之外,还有以下变化:

  • 好消息:由于 V1.0 不够涩,我特意让 V2.0 比 V1.0 更涩(喜)。坏消息:涩过头了(喜)(悲),有时候不想涩涩都不行(好像也不是什么缺点)

  • 似乎变得难用了

The performance of V2.0 is not better than that of V1.0, but the generated images now exhibit a different artistic style.

V2.0 offers better support for nsfw than V1.0, but the drawback is that even when you do not intend to generate an nsfw image, there is still a possibility of generating one.

In my opinion, V2.0 is not as user-friendly as V1.0, and it appears to be more challenging to generate an excellent image.



我个人感觉这个模型挺好用的,不用费很大劲去写 tag 都能出一张还不错的图片,很适合我这种懒人。

I have forgotten the recipe for X-mix-V1.0, as too many models were used for merging. This model supports nsfw, but the effect may not be very good.

You can generate a good image using this model without having to put in a lot of effort to write prompts.


  • 我没办法对每个模型进行充分的测试,因为我的显卡就是依托答辩。因此欢迎你们在评论发图,并反馈你们遇到的问题,这对我很有帮助。

  • 更多信息在 huggingface 上,我通常会先把新模型上传到 huggingface 再写文档。不过 huggingface 上面全是我的垃圾英语,没有中文,希望这没有给你们带来困扰。les-chien/X-mix · Hugging Face

  • I can’t perform comprehensive tests on every model because I get a shit GPU. So, please feel free to share your images and provide feedback on any issues you encounter in the comments section. This is very helpful to me.

  • More information on: les-chien/X-mix · Hugging Face


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