MUSE_v1 – v1

MUSE_v1 - v1

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Model Name MUSE_v1
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name v1
File Name museV1_v1.safetensors
SHA256 84a23b651d
NSFW False
Trigger Words
Tags girl, photorealistic, female, woman
Metadata fp = fp16
size = full
format = SafeTensor
Size 3.59 GB
Version Description None
Author 9muses_arts


Recommended Compatibility

This is completely independent from chilloutmix.

It’s operating as a derivative under the creativeml-openrail-m license.

For use and redistribution, please refer to Section 4. and 5. of

Use Restrictions

You agree not to use the Model or Derivatives of the Model:

  • In any way that violates any applicable national, federal, state, local or international law or regulation;

  • For the purpose of exploiting, harming or attempting to exploit or harm minors in any way;

  • To generate or disseminate verifiably false information and/or content with the purpose of harming others;

  • To generate or disseminate personal identifiable information that can be used to harm an individual;

  • To defame, disparage or otherwise harass others;

  • For fully automated decision making that adversely impacts an individual’s legal rights or otherwise creates or modifies a binding, enforceable obligation;

  • For any use intended to or which has the effect of discriminating against or harming individuals or groups based on online or offline social behavior or known or predicted personal or personality characteristics;

  • To exploit any of the vulnerabilities of a specific group of persons based on their age, social, physical or mental characteristics, in order to materially distort the behavior of a person pertaining to that group in a manner that causes or is likely to cause that person or another person physical or psychological harm;

  • For any use intended to or which has the effect of discriminating against individuals or groups based on legally protected characteristics or categories;

  • To provide medical advice and medical results interpretation;

  • To generate or disseminate information for the purpose to be used for administration of justice, law enforcement, immigration or asylum processes, such as predicting an individual will commit fraud/crime commitment (e.g. by text profiling, drawing causal relationships between assertions made in documents, indiscriminate and arbitrarily-targeted use).



  • 以任何违反任何适用的国家、联邦、州、地方或国际法律或法规的方式;

  • 以任何方式剥削、伤害或试图以任何方式剥削或伤害未成年人为目的;

  • 以伤害他人为目的生成或传播可核实的虚假信息和/或内容;

  • 生成或传播可以用于伤害个人的个人可识别信息;

  • 贬损、诋毁或以其他方式骚扰他人;

  • 用于对个人的法律权利产生不利影响的全自动决策,或以其他方式创建或修改具有约束力的、可执行的义务;

  • 用于任何旨在歧视或伤害个人或群体的行为,基于在线或离线社交行为或已知或预测的个人或人格特征;

  • 利用某一特定人群的弱点,基于其年龄、社会、身体或精神特征,从而实质性地扭曲该人群中某个人的行为,以一种可能会导致该人或其他人身体或心理伤害的方式;

  • 用于任何旨在或具有歧视或伤害个人或群体的行为,基于法律保护的特征或类别;

  • 提供医学建议和医学结果解释;

  • 为司法行政、执法、移民或庇护程序生成或传播信息,如预测个人将实施欺诈/犯罪承诺(例如,通过文本分析、画图等)。例如,通过文档分析,得出文件中的断言之间的因果关系,无差别和任意目标的使用)。


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