CoolerWonderlandMIX – v.1.0

CoolerWonderlandMIX - v.1.0

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Model Name CoolerWonderlandMIX
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name v.1.0
File Name coolerwonderlandmix_v10.ckpt
SHA256 3d5232910f
NSFW False
Trigger Words this model is a mixture
Tags character, style, art style, illustration, fantasy, semi-realistic
Metadata fp = fp16
size = full
format = PickleTensor
Size 5.57 GB
Version Description None
Author HarukaAkagi












This model cannot run NSFW! This model cannot run NSFW! This model cannot run NSFW!

Important things are to be repeated for 3 times!

This model focuses on a clean picture, suitable for head portrait and vector image.

Other models can also be integrated. I recommend Kenshi and Pasel series models.

Of course, whether you have support for Chinese depends on whether you have installed some extensions. I don’t know what extensions are.

It is recommended that the CFG range be between 9-13.5. If you don’t listen to the suggestions, there is no way.

The tag of the sample picture does not contain the chest size description, and the model is not specialized.

Personally, I hate to use private models for commercial purposes, because it is not fair for painters to track the traceable copyright of the base map of the model. Therefore, I will appeal here: “When you use this model, the generated content is only for public use, and never for profit“

As for whether you will use it for other purposes after downloading it (such as charging for people to run maps, or selling models (of course, I hate selling models very much, please don’t do so)), that is your own behavior. I have no right to call the police. A good community needs to be maintained by everyone.

If you want to mix this model with others and then charge for the rest, I will only kindly remind you. Of course, you can also send your works to the comment area.


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