XSarchitecturalV1Commercialbuildingrendering – v1.2

XSarchitecturalV1Commercialbuildingrendering - v1.2

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Model Name XSarchitecturalV1Commercialbuildingrendering
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name v1.2
File Name xsarchitecturalv1com_v12.ckpt
SHA256 c463f43a8c
NSFW False
Trigger Words architecture, architectural
Tags buildings, cg, effect, landscape, environment, architectural ai research group, architecture design
Metadata fp = fp32
size = full
format = PickleTensor
Size 3.97 GB
Version Description

Models incorporate more styles and perspectives

Source https://civitai.com/models/31655
Author XSarchitectural

XSarchitectural Commercial building rendering

Standard service procedure:

  • 1. Download this CKPT model and load it.

  • 2. Download the supporting Lora and load it

  • 3. Prepare official plug-in, HD repair or private image repair software.

  • 4. if you want to control the picture content, please prepare control net and picture files.

  • 5. Write prompt and load LorAs. If you want to use more than two LorAs, set the ratio of matching LorAs to about 0.6.

  • 6, choose the picture you are satisfied with, open the HD repair, use HD repair.

  • 7. Please use the local redraw function for the parts you want to change.

  • 8. The copyright of this model is for study only. Commercial use is not allowed.

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