Anything 2.1[H][N] – V1-FP16

Anything 2.1[H][N] - V1-FP16

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Model Name Anything 2.1[H][N]
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name V1-FP16
File Name anything21HN_v1FP16.safetensors
SHA256 11e0009a08
NSFW False
Trigger Words
Tags base model
Metadata fp = fp16
size = pruned
format = SafeTensor
Size 1.99 GB
Version Description None
Author Yuno779

基于AnythingV2.1和V5训练 | Training based on AnythingV2.1 and V5


更新 | Update log



This model uses a special training method. If you want to adjust the content of the model, you can use a scalpel to precisely control it: Trush︱模型手术刀 .

I am currently using this model myself


  • V1.0

    本次上传是阉割版,原名称为[Anything 2.1H],保留有tag更为听话是[Anything 2.1N],由于[2.1N]实际图片效果并不如[2.1H](出图较差但是适合用于训练),如有需要也可以上传(依旧因为是上传花费的时间太长,大概以我目前的网速需要4个小时才能上传一个模型)

    This upload is castration version, the project name is [Anything 2.1H], keep the tag is more obedient [Anything 2.1N], because [2.1N] the actual picture effect is not as [2.1H] (the picture is poor but suitable for training), you can upload if necessary


  • 应大家要求,上传了FP16版本

例图 | Example diagram

  • 例图采用随机批量生成,纯靠抽卡的来的例图我认为是不合理的

    Example diagrams are generated randomly in batches. I think it is unreasonable to rely solely on high-quality example diagrams obtained from extraction

  • 本模型项目名称曾被叫做Anything2.1[H],所以生成图所显示模型名称可能会显示有所不同,直接用图片信息生成即可

    The project name of this model has been called Anything2.1[H], so the generated graph model may be displayed differently, and can be generated directly with the image information

  • 前段时间我把这个模型当作Anything2.1-RE上传到隔壁去了(补充说明

    I uploaded this model next door as Anything2.1-RE some time ago (note added

说明 | specification

  • 模型无需外挂VAE,外挂VAE可能出现颜色过于灰暗的效果。但是模型直接输出图如有出现其他问题,请外挂VAE进行测试(仅屎山tag测试时出现过这种情况,但是日常使用并没有出现)

    VAE does not need to be VAE externally applied to the model, as it may appear to be too dull. But if there are other problems in the direct output drawing of the model, please VAE vae for testing externally (this situation only occurred in the test of shit tags, but not in daily use)

  • 部分情况下可能出现过度拟合,如有此类情况请和我进行反馈

    Overfitting may occur in some cases. Please give me feedback if there are such cases

  • 本模型同样有着众多的衍生版本,是否分享出来还是看大家的意愿,大家想要我就发出来,不想要就不发了(主要是模型上传时间太长)

    This model also has a large number of derivative versions, whether to share it or not depends on your wishes, you want me to upload, do not want to upload (mainly because the model upload time is too long)

  • 不建议继续进行训练,因为模型本来的底子还是Anything2.1/5,想要达到效果预计难度会非常大

    Do not recommend for Fine-tuning.

  • 请不要添加“masterpiece”等起手式,除非画面出现各种问题

    Please do not add “masterpiece” or other prompt words

  • CFG可以推荐设置在3~30之间

    CFG can be set between 3 and 30, AI painting has infinite possibilities

  • 个人制作能力有限,模型并不会非常完美,并且可能与人们的期望不同

    My crafting skills are limited, the model will not be perfect, and it may not be what people expect

  • 2.1H实际上由2.1N融合prt模型得到,并非完整版

局限性 | Limitations

  • 可能不适合搭配使用例如badhand或者EasyNegative等

    May not be suitable for use together such as badhand or EasyNegative etc

  • 部分未经训练的部分可能依旧会出现无法准确反映tag的情况

    Some parts not involved in training still cannot accurately reflect the tag information

其他说明 | other


Of course, as with all models, this instruction is just there in case something goes wrong.

  • 你可以随意将本模型融合到其他地方,但如果你共享该融合模型,别忘了标注一下

    We allow you to merge with another model, but if you share that merge model, don’t forget to add me to the credits.

  • 禁止炼丹阁转载本模型!



  • 除此之外允许任何人复制和修改模型,但是请遵守CreativeML Open RAIL-这里是M.CreativeML Open RAIL-M相关内容:

    Anyone else is allowed to copy and modify the model, but please comply with CreativeML Open RAIL-M.You can learn more about the CreativeML Open RAIL-M here:

    License – a Hugging Face Space by CompVis

  • 模型可以和其他模型一样随意使用,但是请遵守所在地区的法律法规,以免造成麻烦(我们不负责)

    The model can be used as freely as other models, but please abide by the local laws and regulations, so as not to cause trouble (we are not responsible for it).




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