SilvermoonMix Base model – v1.1

SilvermoonMix Base model - v1.1

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Model Name SilvermoonMix Base model
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model Other
Version Name v1.1
File Name silvermoonmixBase_v11.safetensors
SHA256 1f976e9d52
NSFW False
Trigger Words
Tags character
Metadata fp = fp16
size = pruned
format = SafeTensor
Size 1.99 GB
Version Description

For v1.1:

  1. Slightly decrease the contrast

  2. Slightly better in background logic or abstract contents

Author silvermoong


  1. 非常好的光影

  2. 比较好的手部

  3. 简单的用色,在使用画风LoRA的时候不会冲突、产生杂乱的颜色

  4. 非常少的污染,尽量减少提示词中没有的物品



(worst quality, low quality:1.4)


This is my everyday use model. it is aimed to:

  1. Getting great light effects

  2. Improving hands

  3. Being simple in coloring, so that it won’t conflicts with style LoRAs

  4. Minimize objects that are not in prompts

I believe a good model should be simple, accurate, knowing many concepts. These are keys to make other LoRAs work well.

Suggested negative prompts:

(worst quality, low quality:1.4)

My style LoRA mixes are fine tuned on this model. Appreciate if you can give them a try:


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