majicMIX lux – v1.0

majicMIX lux - v1.0

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Model Name majicMIX lux
Model Type Checkpoint
Base Model SD 1.5
Version Name v1.0
File Name majicmixLux_v10.safetensors
SHA256 07934daabe
NSFW False
Trigger Words
Tags aesthetic, base model, fantasy, realistic
Metadata fp = fp16
size = pruned
format = SafeTensor
Size 2.24 GB
Version Description None
Author 4044

适合抽卡的写实模型 Enjoy the randomness!

基本上是我之前融合模型的融合 basically a mix of my previous mix
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TRY THIS: official art, unity 8k wallpaper, ultra detailed, beautiful and aesthetic, masterpiece, best quality, (zentangle, mandala, tangle, entangle), 1girl, extremely detailed, dynamic angle, cowboyshot, the most beautiful form of chaos, elegant, a brutalist designed, vivid colours, romanticism, by james jean, roby dwi antono, ross tran, francis bacon, michal mraz, adrian ghenie, petra cortright, gerhard richter, takato yamamoto, ashley wood, atmospheric, ecstasy of musical notes, streaming musical notes visible

This model is strongly stylized in creativity, but long-range facial detail require inpainting to achieve the best results.
recommended positive prompts: official art, unity 8k wallpaper, ultra detailed, beautiful and aesthetic, beautiful, masterpiece, best quality, (zentangle, mandala, tangle, entangle)

use ng_deepnegative_v1_75t and badhandv4 in negative

脸部修复方法 to inpaint the face:inpaint–>only masked–>set to 512×512–>Denoising strength:0.2~0.5



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